Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Is There Really Writers Block?

I remember a few years back someone said there’s no such thing as writer’s block.

Then why am I stuck in a scene or a chapter and can’t write anything.? I do a few sentences and then delete them. I stare and the screen and try to find the words I think I want to write next. My characters refuse to cooperate. Isn’t that writer’s block?
Apparently not. I was told it meant I didn’t know my characters well enough. I was trying to get them to do things that didn’t fit them. Or I didn’t have a handle on the plot, or the conflict, and what I was trying to write didn’t work. I needed to go back and look at the story, the plot, work on an outline, develop that outline, figure out where I had taken a wrong turn. Maybe I needed to do more research. It wasn’t writer’s block. It was me, and I didn’t know my story well enough.
Every time I run into a wall I remember this and go back. Usually I find I’m trying to do something that doesn’t fit.

What about you? Do you believe in writer’s block? And if so, how do you solve it? 


  1. Interesting perspective. I hadn't thought of it that way.

  2. I've heard the expression time and time again yet I've never experienced writer's block. I reread and move on. Good blog probably touches many hearts and minds of writers at this minute, holding heads and moaning.

  3. Thanks for the post Charmaine. Bev - (chuckling)

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