Monday, January 9, 2017

On Genres with Beverley

I thought since the guest authors answer questions on genres, I’d answer the same questions today. So, here’s my take on the questions.
Question: Which genre or genres do you write or prefer to write?

My Answer: I write romantic suspense. I started out writing straight romance, but I really wanted to kill someone so I switched to romantic suspense. I’ve also co-authored a romantic horror story. And I write western romantic suspense, with a little paranormal twist thrown in.
Question: What prompted you to write in the genre you do?

My Answer: I think I already answered it. I wanted to write romance, but I kept throwing in murder and mystery because straight romance wasn’t fun. And figuring out clues, and red herrings and killing people is so much fun.
Question: What genres do you enjoy reading?

My Answer: Romantic suspense, mystery, cozies, some romance and paranormal. I try to read some literary fiction if it gets great reviews, but I like the HEA endings.
Question: I’d love to hear what you think of the present genres, how they’ve been affected by self-publishing and where you think they might be headed.

My Answer: I’m going to touch more on the genres next time, since I mix genres. But I think self-publishing has changed the industry. Wen Amazon brought out the Kindle everything sort of did a 180. It opened the publishing industry to good writers who had been able to get published because their books didn’t fit conventional genres.
I had a friend who wrote WW II stories, but no one would publish them. Now anything can get published. And yes, there are some terrible books out there that haven’t been edited or proof-read. Hopefully the readers check them out before they purchase them. The big publishers now have an e-publishing section. Well-known authors now download their backlist. The options have opened up and I think it’s great.

Self-pubbed have to do their own advertising, or pay someone but many publishers no longer assist with promotion unless your one of their top-sellers. Any author pretty much has to do their own now. It’s a little more work, but it’s part of the changing industry.

Self-pubbed is going to continue to change. Audio books are becoming more popular. Videos are being used to promo books. Authors could make full movie videos of their books. I think with all the computer and technical options writing will continue to evolve.

Where do you think self-publishing is headed? 


  1. I cracked up at "I wanted to kill someone". I know the feeling and often wonder where it comes from. This is a terrific column wrapped up in a bow. Way too much work for this author of many books and the burden of self promo without bucks to back it up. I have a good publisher but she wants me to beat the bushes. All I think is HELP!
    Thanks for this exceptional snippet on gemres.

  2. I'd like to see the self publishing side become more in tune with what people want. As you said, there's something in every genre. Too often they pigeon-hole the book into one genre and it's really a blend. :)

  3. Golly, Beverley! "Kill someone"??? But I know all too well what you mean because I do too.