Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Are Mixed Genres Important?

How important are genres and mixed genres in this day to publishing in today's market? What do you look for when you’re picking a book to read?
I have posted books to this site that are a sci-fi, paranormal suspense romance with a touch of fantasy. Would you buy this book?
How many genres are there today?
Nonfiction books

 Romance Novels- sweet, suspense, western, historical

 Thriller Novels– legal, medical

Short stories



Graphic novels

Literature and Fiction




Women’s fiction
Help me out here. I copied the first list of genres down to short stories from Predators and Editors. Then I checked Amazon’s list and added the next four. I looked at the list and added the next four I thought were missing.

Then I went back and started to add sub-genres. I’m finding it a little overwhelming. As I’ve said previously, my books are romantic suspense, but contemporary western romantic suspense, with a touch of paranormal.
So, what genres am I missing? What about sub-genres?


  1. What about a historical western romance, contemporary western romance with paranormal elements, YA dystopian romance, NA horror/suspense romance... So many... I still choose based on the cover and blurb.

  2. Beverly, I think most books are mixed-genres when you drill down into the story line.
    I write romantic suspense, but it's really a romantic detective action thriller series with humor. :)

  3. Aren't all books mixed genres these days? What about science fiction romance? It used to be called Futuristic romance, but those of us who write SFR are trying to change it. Despite all the genres/subgenres, I'll read a book because (like Melissa) I like the topic (blurb) and a cover that catches my eye and gives me a clue to the tone.

  4. I have a science fiction romance set on Earth a few years from now. So it is paranormal romance or sci-fi? It can also be called speculative fiction.

  5. How about romantic comedy? tee hee hee. And then there's romantic comedy mysteries.

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