Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions vary in each country. For many nations it means Christmas trees, real or artificial and lots of lights, exchanging Christmas cards, Christmas stockings or shoes, singing Christmas carols and the creation of the Nativity scene. Advent calendars are opened and Advent wreaths hung. Candy canes are in abundance and there’s Christmas dinner with the turkey and/or ham and all the trimmings. In Canada, we have pork sausage which we stuff in the turkey neck. The dressing goes in the cavity. We serve Christmas pudding and mincemeat pie.  And garlic sausage rings are great for appetizers. I know in the United States sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie is popular.
Then there’s the exchange of presents. Some expensive ones, but many homemade with love and others from local craft markets. There’s the burning of the Yule log in some countries.

Books and TV programs tell stories about Baby Jesus, Santa Claus, St. Nick, reindeer, and snow men. For many it may include a midnight Mass or Christmas Eve church service.

Christmas is three days away. We went to the Winterhaven Festival of Lights this year and I’ve never seen so many lights and displays in such a small area.

I'm writing this, playing Christmas carols, and singing along. One of my traditions. We put up Christmas lights and I’m ready to cook a turkey dinner. A few more traditions. I’ve made some glass fusion gifts and donated to several groups to help others at this time of year.  
What about you? What are your traditions?

Whatever they may be. Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. We always spend Christmas Eve with family and have Chinese food. This year, we are inviting our neighbors who will be alone and adding on to our family with a new son-in-law. Christmas day is spent again with family and presents are a part of it, but mostly it's about getting together with loved ones and sharing our memories and happiness.

  2. I think that sounds like the best traditions ever - family, loved ones, memories and happiness.
    Now Chinese food is different but very cool.
    Happy Holiday Season!

  3. Hi, Beverley! On Christmas Eve, #2 son (and sometimes #1 and Handsome) watch White Christmas and Stalag 17. We always put up lights, I decorate the dining room with the vintage sequined felt stuff and ornaments, add some to the family room, and toss a bit of cheer in the other rooms as well. Happy holidays!

  4. Hi Vicki,
    Vintage sequined felt stuff and ornaments sound gorgeous. What a wonderful tradition. And I love White Christmas. Stalag 17?
    Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!