Friday, August 5, 2016

Editor and Agent Appointments

I've been posting on workshops I attended at the RWA National conference. Besides the workshops and free books, one of the reason people attend the conference is the agent and editor appointments.
I've noticed that the appointments don't fill up quite as quickly as they used to. I'm guessing it's because there are a lot more independent, self-published authors who don't want to have to fit in a box. Or they don't want to wait six or eight months before they get a response from a query and then the wait if they submit and finally another wait until it get's published.
But many writers do make appointments, or sit in the waiting room hoping for cancellations.
I made an agent appointment this year. I haven't for a couple of years, but with trying to sell the house, computer issues, working outside in the yard to make it look not too bad, I haven't been getting a lot of writing accomplished.
I thought if I talked to an agent it might give me that kick in the butt I need,  And you need to watch what you asked for. She wants 100 pages, synopsis and a summary of our interview in 30 days. I'm writing/editing almost every day now, but still have about 25 pages to go and that darn synopsis.
So what about you?
Do you attend conferences or workshops? Do you take agent or editor appointments?
And if you do, what are you looking for? Do they ask for a proposal? Do you send it to them?
I'm looking forward to your responses.

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  1. I've not done the editor/agent part of a conference yet. I think it scares me but yes, the wait is hard.