Thursday, July 28, 2016

Blogging on the SEALS

I mention about a week ago, the my chapter, Kiss of Death (KOD had great workshops. The first was a retired Navy Seal and his wife. so we got two perspectives. With the Seals  it's "The Team", the team camaraderie, doing everything together. They have absolute commitment to themselves., They have no ego, their physically fit, dedicated, loyal and courageous.
Elizabeth May, an author, writing as Anne Elizabeth, and wife of a Seal said a Seal cannot go more than a few days without being outside and exercising. The mate of an alpha Seal needs to be independent, provide mental stimulation, be open-minded, enjoy sports and have strong communication skills. They must be teammates.
At the end of the presentation one of the audience past on a message from a Seal friend of hers.
"Bravo Zulu" which means job well done.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure it was super informative!

  2. It was a good class, Beverley. I wish I wrote SEALS. LOL

    1. Me, too. But I'm thinking I might be able to use some of the emotional/relationship stuff Elizabeth shared.