Monday, January 11, 2016

Tuesday Tips and Tweaks

This week author Tami Sinclair, joins us with her tip. Tami writes about the strange, the spooky and the sexy.

Tami’s Tip on Writing

Hi everyone,
Thanks for having me be on the blog today. I just wanted to share a tidbit or two that I've learned I this grand process of writing and publication.

The first would be: never give up. I know that sounds trite and overdone, but it's seriously the only way sure way you can fail.

The second tip I learned last September: diversify your writing for success.

Are you someone who has been beating on the door of the NY publishing industry with no one answering? Consider indie publishing. The ability to self-publish and the audience for self-publishing has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Even the last two!

You can always do both, should your dream contract show up. But if you want to be a storyteller and get your stories in front of an audience, then indie pub.

This is a huge topic, so why not shoot some questions over for discussion?

Blurb for The Alpha Takes A Mate

Blaze Erickson is the sexy alpha male of his pack. The time has come for him to take a mate. After discovering a lone female who doesn't know what she is, or what he is, he's got to figure out how not to scare her away. She needs his protection and he needs a mate. When he reaches out to her, he intends to make her his mate. If she doesn't accept him, he will walk alone forever.

Bar owner Tina Black doesn't know she's part werewolf. She only knows that every time a man by the name of Blaze comes into her bar, she's drawn to him. There's something compelling about him she can't resist. Her body reacts when she gets close to him, and she doesn't want to stop it, doesn't know if she can. Is it the sacred wolf's tooth he wears around his neck that lets her know he's a man, but something else? She doesn't know. She just knows she has to find out. Something has been missing from her life until the moment when Blake comes through her door.
This is a sexy werewolf romance intended for mature audiences who enjoy reading about the fantasy of werewolf lore. If you like sexy books, this one is for you.

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Thanks Tami, for dropping by and sharing that great tip. Hopefully we’ll hear from other authors on the pros and cons on self-publishing.

Don’t forget to check back next week for another author’s tip or tweak.


  1. You are right... don't put your eggs all in one basket. It's important to branch out, because you never know how things go with one publishing house.

  2. Oh, no kidding, Melissa. I have a writing friend that feels as if she is cursed. She went through 4 epub companies that went bust and it was a nightmare getting rights back.
    Which is another point: keep as many rights as you can.

  3. Great tips. :) I put out my first self-pub and it has helped my traditional pubbed book sell and increased my presence.

  4. Angelina, that's great! That's what's supposed to happen,you know? Love to hear that as it's more proof that self pubbling is a real, viable way to put out quality books. Congrats!

  5. Beverly,
    thanks for the opportunity to have a spot on your blog yesterday. Hopefully, we can do it again, soon!