Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Release Promo

Targeted is not exactly a new release, but the new cover is. Targeted came out in most countries in November.

HOWEVER – I took a course at RWA National, from a UK writer, on covers. She said our American style covers with the sexy men and their six-pack abs, and the sexual women don’t always sell in the UK. She showed the covers of books that do sell there. I decided when I uploaded to Amazon not to include the UK, Australia and NZ. So it wasn't released there in November.

I found a new cover artist because the one who did the first three covers for the Hawkins Ranch series, including Targeted, is now writing full-time for one of the New York publishing houses. I explained to Kelly, my new graphic designer, what I was looking for and I think she nailed it.

What do you think?

Targeted has now been released in the UK, so it's a new book there. You can find it at

Targeted Blurb

After and eleven-year absence Janna Kincaid inherits a ranch and is forced to return to a town she only remembers with unhappiness, a man to whom she was briefly married and never wants to see again, and someone is trying to kill her.

Kye Hawkins has loved Janna since he first met her. They were married, but a few weeks later she ran away without an explanation. He still hasn’t figured out why. Now she’s coming back. Does she still love him? Can he rekindle the romance and also prevent her from being killed?

Janna doesn’t want Kye’s help in anyway, yet he always seems to be there when she’s in trouble. Can they work together to find a killer, save the native burial ground and home of the spirits, and find romance again?

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  1. Beverley, I really like the strong lettering in your name in the new one. The target on the house is subtle yet scary. And like How the title and subtitle are at the bottom in the black which is great for the white lettering. I'm tired of six packs unless it is diet dr pepper. ox

    1. LOL! I love your 'six packs comment. And I appreciate the comments on the new cover. Good info. Thanks for dropping by, Vicki. Happy New Year!

  2. I think it is a very alluring and yet suspenseful cover that indicates more about the story than the previous cover, and I agree with Vikcki's comments.

  3. Thanks, Rhobin, for dropping by and for the comments. It will help with future covers.