Monday, January 19, 2015

What’s Selling in Fiction Today

It’s the start of the year. I’m working on my business plan for the year. I write mostly romantic suspense. Although I have written a medical thriller, which I hope to release next month. And I co-authored a horror romance. He wrote the horror and I did the romance. J So what should I be writing this year?
Well, the Romance Writer’s of America Association’s reported figures of Simba Information Estimates showing the bestselling genres were:
        1.  Romance/Erotica

2.   Crime/Mystery

3.   Religious Inspirational

4.   Science Fiction and Fantasy
5. Horror

And according to the Christian Science Monitor the top sellers are kid lit, and erotica/romance.

Bubble Cow says the bestselling genre is Mystery/Thriller/Crime. Second is Science Fiction and then Romance.

So it looks like romance /erotica; mystery/crime and science fiction are the leaders.
Am I going to change my genres? No, sir. But maybe I’ll write another medical thriller.
Trends change as does the book selling industry. It will be interesting to see what the big sellers are in 2015.

So what you do you write? Is it a top-selling genre? Would you change to meet the selling market?


  1. I write mostly romantic suspense and sensual romance, Beverly. I wouldn't change because by the time I finished the book it would probably be out of favor.

  2. Hi Beverly. I write contemporary and paranormal erotic romance. I don't think I could write to market trends because it would take the enjoyment out of writing.

  3. I write romance with some sizzle and some mystery. I write what I enjoy reading and like Tamara, it makes it more fun to write what I like. :) It's nice to see that trends are there and that romance is still selling.