Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Love Those Beta Readers

I love my beta readers. They read my almost final draft and let me know what they didn’t like. Was it the hero? The plot? Did something throw them off? And anything else that they pick up.
This helps make my book a better read for other readers. A beta reader tests your manuscript (by reading it), and tells you about the ‘bugs’ so you can improve its readability, its usefulness and even its saleability.
Yes, I have a proof reader, but my beta readers are readers. They are the most important people. They give generalized feedback on whether the book makes for a good read, whether the story hangs together, whether I've dropped any balls or left any plot threads hanging.
And they get to read my book before anyone else.
How do you find beta readers? On your Facebook page, maybe tsu. I’d love to hear how other people get beta readers. Or if you are interested in being a beta reader.


  1. I'm in a group with other writers and we all work to beta read each other's work. I have learned a lot from them and am their biggest supporters when there book is released!

  2. I have a beta read in Kansas and I live in Utah. The miles haven't been an issue. She a avid reader and had for several years now been my beta reader. I know when I finish a draft on a manuscript she always waiting and excited to read my unpolished work and it's been a great help.

  3. You're very lucky Judy. You sounds like you found a great beta readers.
    And you're right, distance doesn't matter with the internet.