Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Social Networking – A Necessary Evil?

It’s that time of year – setting our goals and resolutions for 2015. Have you done yours?

I’m working on mine – mostly for my writing. I want to do a business plan, write more, and learn how to publicize and sell my books. What advertising works? What’s the most cost effective?  And what about social networking – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Blogging, Tsu and all the yahoo loops?

When it comes to social networking what works for you? How much time do you spend on it? I’ve heard people say you need to post to 5 times a day on Twitter, post twice a day to Facebook, Blog three or four times a week, spend an hour or two posting to the loops, and I’m not sure about Pinterest.

I Tweet maybe once a day. Facebook about two or three times a week. I’m on Tumblr and Pinterest, but don’t do anything there. I try to blog two and sometimes three times a week and I spend an hour or more reading the Yahoo loop posts. I respond to some, but mostly I lurk. I retweet or post to Facebook, or vote when people request but I don’t go back and post that I did it. This is an area where I think I need to spend more time and respond more.

What do you do? How much time should we be networking? What are your goals for next year? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And it’s New Year’s Eve – so celebrate the end of one year and the beginning on the next – if you follow the Gregorian calendar.

Happy New Year!




  1. I think Social Media is a necessary evil. It distracts me from what I'm supposed to be doing but it's also a way to interact with other writers and readers.

    1. I agree, Melissa. How much time do you spend, on it?

  2. I wish it wasn't a part of the package but alas, it is. I tried to set aside a day a week to do it but that was hard to stick to. Now I just whittle away at it. The most bang for the buck I've seen comes from the mini hops like what we do at Exquisite Quills. Happy New Year and best luck for 2015. :)

    1. A day a week is a good idea, but I can see where it might not work.
      I'm trying to figure out how to do maybe 2 hours a day and still have time to w Unfortunately PR has now become a big part of the package you mentioned.