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Children of Fyre and Janet Lane Walters

Janet Lane Walters has been published for 50 years. Not all that time was spent writing. She returned to work as a nurse and was off the writing cycle for about ten years, When she returned, she discovered electronic publishing and has since then published somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 books  and novellas. She writes romance, contemporary, paranormal and fantasy. She’s also written a few non-fiction books. Words Perfect – Becoming Your Own Critique Partner was a 2003 EPIC winner in non-fiction. There were a few other awards along the way.

Beverley: Which genre or genres do you write or prefer to write? And why?
Janet: Interesting question. Since I write romance, contemporary, paranormal and fantasy, I write these because I like to read them. The same goes for mysteries. I read them. I have a YA fantasy series that I wrote for my grandchildren. So far, two of them have read the books. I’ll hope the others will as well. I wouldnever write horror. I don’t read any. Have tried but I don’t like it. I don’t write techno thrillers but I do like to read them. The same goes for science fiction. I don’t have the experience and knowledge to try these genres.
Beverley: Who influenced you the most in deciding to become a writer?
Janet: Actually, I’m not sure one particular person influenced me to begin writing. I always liked to read and at night from a very early childhood, told myself a story as I was falling asleep. These were made up stories. My parents were readers and books were a part of my life. I could say my grandfather who taught me to read by the time I was three. Also my father who told me I could do anything I wanted. To aim for the stars but if I only reached the fence at least I tried. I guess I’m still trying.
Beverley: What gets your creative juices flowing?
Janet: Sitting in my recliner with pen and clipboard in hand. Usually have no problem getting started but sometimes finishing. Hate saying goodbye.
Beverley: Do you have a favorite cartoon character? Why?
Janet: Had to think about this for a long time. These days I’m not much for watching cartoons. Mine has the be Pink Panther. Years and years ago, my husband and I used to go to an Arts movie theater where they showed foreign films, many of them British. Pink Panther was always the lead in cartoon.
Beverley: Who would you love most to meet 'in person' and why?
Janet: I’m at a loss here for I would love to meet some writers who no longer live. Andre Norton for her science fiction stories, Ann Mc Caffrey who introduced me to dragons, Ernest Hemmingway for his great action stories.
Beverley: If you had an unexpected free day what would you do with it?
Janet: Curl up with a glass of wine, some chocolates and my Kindle for a reading marathon of books I enjoy. Or Watch the A and E version of Pride and Prejudice.
Beverley: What are you working on now?
Janet: Just finished a fantasy romance, the fourth and final book of a series and have started on a contemporary romance, one of the Moon Child series. The heroine, a nurse practitioner and a Cancer encounters an old Leo love, who is a Hollywood action adventure actor. She is his forgotten dream and he would like to reconnect. He is her forgotten dream and she wants to see him again and find closure.

Blurb for Children of Fyre

In this return to the Island of Fyre, each of the heros and heroines of the three previous books have children. Lorton is the youngest son of the Wizards of Fyre and he has bonded with the yellow dragon.

The dragon through the magic of the stones has been rejuvenated and is now green. Dragon sends Lorton to travel to where the Dragons of Fyre are raised. There he meets Arkon son of the hero and heroine of the Dragons of Fyre.

There have been four eggs laid and there must be two young men and two young women found to bond with them. On the island where the evil wizards were exiled, Cerene has grown up as little more than a slave. She can use all the fyrestones unlike her father. She learns about the kidnapping of Riara, daughter of the hero and heroine of the Temple of Fyre and vows to save her.

The four must unite with their dragons and finally destroy the evil.

Excerpt from Children of Fyre

Arkon pushed his steed into a gallop leaving Lorton and the pack horses behind. Dragon’s report that the women hadn’t eaten for a full day troubled him. He rode until the horse slowed its pace. Ahead, Dragon crouched on the grass. Arkon scanned the area ahead and spotted the two women sheltering in a cluster of trees.
Not far from their position, he dismounted. With his hands held high to show he held no weapons, he approached the pair. The women rose. Their beauty brought a smile. The one with the hair of fire stood tall and slender. The ice blonde had curves tempting him to touch. Which one would be his? Would he and Lorton or the women choose?
By the time he constructed a fire circle and gathered wood, Lorton arrived. Together, they unpacked the steeds and gathered the makings of a meal.
He struck his fire starter several times and failed to ignite the kindling. “Sure wish there was a magical way to start a fire.”
“There is.” Lorton pulled a wand from his pack.
Arkon held up his hand. “Don’t.”
The fair-haired woman laughed. “Let me.” A spear of flame shot from her hand. “Are you the friends Dragon said were on the way?”
Arkon nodded. “Why did you use a fyrestone to start the fire? Those stones and those who use them are forbidden in this land.”
“How foolish,” she said. “Why?”
“There are many reasons. My father…” He clamped his lips together.
The flame-haired woman stepped forward. “Who are you?”
“The youngest son of the dragon riders of High Peaks.”
“Name.” Both women spoke.
“Arkon.” He pointed to his friend. “Lorton.”
The taller of the women stalked toward the fire. “I’ll ask again. Why are the stones considered evil?”
“My father suffered much because of the temple priestesses who used the stones to keep him a prisoner. He managed to escape and return here.”
“Managed? I know that story. My father aided a slave to escape. There is no need to worry or fear our people. The evil priestess was killed when she fought my parents. They used fyrestones to defeat her.” She turned to her companion. “We have no friends here. We must find another refuge.” Cerene joined her. They walked away.
Dragon’s voice roared in Arkon’s head. *Why should I? I won’t bring reminders of what my father suffered under the rule of the priestesses.” He turned to Cerene. “I want you to promise not to use the stones until we speak to my father.”
Cerene shrugged. “I see no harm in using them but I will refrain for now.”

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