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‘Tis the Season Anthology

‘Tis the Season - Sweet romance Christmas novelettes in an anthology is the brain child of D.F. Jones joined by Laura Haley-McNeil, Lane McFarland, Laura Ann, Ana Morgan, and Allie Marie

Small Town Rural, Magical Midnight Rides, and First Kisses bringing joy, happiness, and unforgettable romance with this group of award-winning and talented authors.

Christmas Kiss by Laura Haley-McNeil
Vera Yeager inherits the family mansion from her grandmother, Mimsy.
Darroch Winters inherits a southern mansion from the kindly old woman he befriended.
Vera and Darroch inherit the same house? Not on your life. But how do they determine who is the rightful owner?
The answer to that question is buried in Mimsy’s cleverly written will.
Merry Christmas!

A native of California, Laura Haley-McNeil spent her youth studying ballet and piano, though her favorite pastime was curling up with a good book. Without a clue as to how to write a book, she knew one day she would.
After college, she segued into the corporate world, but she never forgot her love for the arts and served on the board of two community orchestras. Finally realizing that the book she’d dreamt of writing wouldn’t write itself, she planted herself in front of her computer. She now immerses herself in the lives and loves of her characters in her romantic suspense and her contemporary romance novels. Many years later, she lived her own romantic novel when she married her piano teacher, the love of her life.
Though she and her husband have left warm California for cooler Colorado, they enjoy the outdoor life of hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and snow skiing.
They satisfy their love of music by attending concerts and hanging out with their musician friends, but Laura still catches a few free moments when she can sneak off and read.
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A Medieval Christmas by Lane McFarland
Morna MacAndrew travels with her family to celebrate the Yuletide holidays with friends. She strives to enjoy the celebration, but her laird brother continues to present her to would-be suitors. She rebels against the idea of marriage to a man she does not love, a match made strictly for a strategic alliance with her clan.
She longs for a kindred-spirit and finds him when she meets Kendrick Douglas. Although he is a strong warrior, he does not provide the needed union her brother is determined to make for her. Now, Morna must convince her brother of Kendrick's merits or endure a loveless union with an auld laird for the rest of her life.

Lane is a southern girl living on top of a mountain in North Georgia, and she's most happy when surrounded by family and friends. If she is not writing, you can find her hiking with her husband, hanging out with her son, fiddling around in her flower and vegetable gardens, feeding the birds and watching black bears and deer. Lane loves to escape to worlds of intrigue with timeless love and happily-ever-after endings. Today, she is fortunate to have found her true passion in writing of spirited heroines and to-die-for-heroes and the romantic love stories between them.
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Picture Perfect Christmas by Laura Ann
Nixon Fredricks has been in love with his best friend for years but Emma
refuses to see him as anything more than a big brother. In one final,

desperate attempt to attract her attention, Nixon dons a heavy red suit and
fluffy, white beard in order to work with Emma while she takes pictures

during the holiday season.
Emma looks forward to taking pictures for the mall Santa every year, but
this one proves to be a doozy. After a breathtaking kiss under the

mistletoe, she finds herself desperate to know who the man behind the beard
is, but he refuses to give his name. To make matters worse, Emma finds her
feelings toward her best friend, Nixon, changing into anything but

Torn between two men, one a friend and one a mystery, only a Christmas
miracle will bring Emma the Happy Ever After she's looking for.

Laura Ann is the wife of  the world's most fabulous husband and the mother
to five rambunctious children. Her life keeps her on her toes and her
imagination running. She loves chocolate, swoony kisses, and happily ever

afters and does her best to include the latter two in all of her stories.

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Poinsettias  by Ana Morgan
A hard-working congressional aide rushes back to Vermont ski country only to discover that much more is wrong than her widowed father’s broken leg. 
Lack of snow is starving her hometown, a canceled order for four-thousand poinsettias could bankrupt her dad’s floral shop, and the man she’s loved since grade school still hasn’t forgiven her.
A daring idea could save every business in town—if she can convince her ex-boyfriend to help.

When Ana Morgan was small, her life's goal was to know something about everything. She has studiously waitressed, driven a school bus, run craft service on an indie film set, wandered through European castles, wired a house, married a Marine, canned vegetables, and studied the stars. 
For ten years, she wrote colorful essays about life on her organic farm for her weekly CSA newsletter and succinct cooking directions for her craft-show soup mixes. But she really wanted to write what she loved to read on cold winter nights—passionate romance adventures. 
Besides a vivid imagination, she has some experience. She and her husband eloped six weeks after they met and moved from southern California to northern Minnesota. They taught themselves to milk cows (at first by hand) and raised three go-getter children.
Ana is currently writing the sequel to Stormy Hawkins, her debut historical romance about a feisty ranch owner and a handsome, down-on-his-luck cowboy.

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A Christmas Fantasy by D. F. Jones
Nick is the firstborn male in the Claus lineage blessed with the ability to manipulate time and space foretold in the Book of Truth known as the Winterland Prophecy.
Nick must find his chosen mate by the time Nicholas Sr. turns sixty, or the Christmas magic will end. The gifts for the children, the elves magical toy making skills, the flying reindeer will cease to exist without the chosen mate’s kiss. That first kiss will break open the veil of magic releasing the Winterland Prophecy for a new generation.
Who is this mysterious mate?
Will he find her in the nick of time?

D. F. Jones began her career as a broadcast consultant at the ABC Affiliate in Nashville, which led her to open an advertising agency. Over the years, she's created many campaigns for clients and still enjoys developing marketing materials.
Writing is a source of creative expression for D. F. Jones, but it also releases stress. Writing takes D. F. Jones to a place where anything is possible, and fiction takes her to a place made of dreams.
D. F. Jones is happily married to the love of her life. They have two gorgeous sons whom she loves and adores. She loves to laugh, and her husband keeps her in stitches! She's a fan of the Tennessee Titans, MT Blue Raiders, and enjoys working in her flower garden.
Whether its angels or demons, time travel adventures, or witches and wizards, mystery suspense or ghosts, her books are action-packed with supernatural and romantic elements.
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It’s a Wonderful Life After All by Allie Marie
Clara has a new assignment, sending the anxious older lady into panic as she fulfills her new duties in the hopes of obtaining the promotion she has long sought,
A lonely young woman spends a snowy Christmas Eve toiling  in a boutique owned by a greedy boss.
Until a handsome police officer enters. Mary Carroll’s radar perks up as the tall good-looking George Baylee comes in for some last-minute gifts.
When Mary closes shop and realizes the day’s proceeds are missing, she panics and sets out on the snowy roads, wondering if life is worth living. She wrecks her car on an isolated road and is discovered  by Patrolman Baylee—just the person she suspects stole the envelope of money.
Forced to spend the Christmas Eve with George amidst the chaos that surrounds the strange diner owner Clara, Mary learns that indeed it is a wonderful life after all.

Author Allie Marie grew up in Virginia. Her favorite childhood pastime was reading mysteries with girl detectives Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden mysteries, never expecting to become a police officer herself one day.
When she embarked on a new vocation writing fiction after retiring from an adventure-filled career in law enforcement, it would have been understandable if her first book was a crime story. However, researching her own family tree inspired her to write the True Colors Series instead. The other stories are patiently waiting their turn.
Her debut novel, Teardrops of the Innocent: The White Diamond Story, was a 2015 New England Readers' Choice Award Finalist in paranormal. The second in
the series, Heart of Courage: The Red Ruby Story released in May 2016 and earned Best Book in the 2017 IRC Awards. February 2017 saw the release of the third book, Voice of the Just: The Blue Sapphire Story. The fourth book, Hands of the Healer: The Christmas Emerald, releases in 2018. A fifth and final book in the True Colors Series will be released later in 2018.
Besides family, her passions are travel and camping with her husband.

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