Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How Do You Choose the Next Book to Read?

You put down the book, or close your e-reader and sigh, or maybe go wow – whatever.
It was a good book and you thoroughly enjoyed it, but now you have to find another book to red. Will it be as good? What should you choose?

There are so many ways people choose books, favorite author; publisher; recommendation, cover, reviews, print or e-book, blurb, etc.
There’s an interesting site What You Should Read Next. You put in the author or title of a book you like, or just finished, and it will come up with a list of recommendations for you to buy. Click on it and it takes you to Amazon to purchase the book.

Or you can take a quiz to get a recommendation for your next book at
Book Riot offers these four suggestions. You can read more about them at their link above.

The Charlotte “Double-Booking” Method
We read two or three (or, God help me, four) books at a time, reading a few chapters of one book before reapplying lipstick and diving into another.

The Goldilocks Method
We gather a collection of possible books, determine an arbitrary sample size – one page? first chapter? first lines? – and give them each a shot to find which one is just right.

The Bran Flakes Method
The Bran Flakes Method, therefore, is the method of seeking out a book that’s not just good; it’s also good for you. Maybe that “required reading” pick you didn’t get around to in high school; maybe that big book of philosophy you bought on an impulse at a used bookstore; maybe that hulking classic that you swear you’ll get around to one of these days. (Anna Karenina. She’s always just there, on my bookshelf, asking me when. When?)

The Summer Lovin’ Method
The Summer Lovin’ Method is your walk on the wild side. It’s the book that’s the opposite of Bran Flakes. It’s whatever you don’t usually read

How do you chose your books? Whatever way you chose – enjoy your next book.

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