Thursday, April 9, 2015

Editing Your Book

I usually post something on the writing process or something for readers. Today it’s about editing. Whether you’re traditionally published or small press or do it yourself, you need an editor. If you’re a reader, you want a book that’s been edited and polished.

If you’re traditionally published or by a small press, you’ll have an editor assigned to you.
If you’re self-publishing you need to find your own proof reader and editor. There are lots out there and the costs vary.

Here’s a new one that’s just getting started. I haven’t used them – yet. So I’m not recommending them. I’m just posting the information on their company for you to check out if you’re interested..

Does Your Written Gem Need An Editor? How about Two? #WDWS #editors

You've finally typed the two most important words: "THE END", but your precious treasure of words needs one final polish before you usher it out on to the cruel world. Welcome to Wicked Dragon Writer Solutions, where you can get two editing beasts for one smoking price!

Between Amber and I, we have 13 hard-won years of word crafting experience, not just in published work, but in editing for other authors. While we've been doing this without gathering our fees, we decided it was time to put our pens to work for us. We know how vital editors are to Creators of the Written Word, and what's better than one editor? How about two editors putting their eyes to the jewelers loop to examine your precious treasure, and you'll only be out the gold for the price of one. Think of it as an Editorial BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free).

Feel free to come on over and check us over at Wicked Dragon Writer Solutions (!

In celebration of our grand opening, if you book your adventured during the month of April, we are offering 10% off your hoard of gold, just note code: WDWSOPEN when booking your spot!

If you're anxious to start your epic journey, feel free to reach out to and we'll get you set for your editing adventure.


  1. Morning Beverley, thank you so much for allowing Amber and I to swing by and share our services with your readers. Wishing all a wonderful weekend!

  2. Good morning. Thanks so much for letting us steal your blog for the day! Happy Friday.

  3. Wonderful getting to know another editing service. Authors must have their work edited, even if just to catch the simple things that they overlook. :) A good editor makes the work better.