Thursday, January 15, 2009

Laura Bush's contract with S&S

I see that Laura Bush has signed a contract for 1.6 million dollars from Simon and Schuster to write her memoirs about life in the White House with George Bush.
Apparently eight publishers were looking at publishing her book, although several others apparently said after talking to her they felt there would be little interest in her story as it held no conflict. It's going to be a positive story in which she completely supports her husband throughout the book.
We know that's it's likely that Laura Bush won't even write the book but will dictate it to a ghost writer.
Apparently Hilary Clinton got about 8 million dollars for her memoirs when she left the White House and Barack Obama got about 4 million for his book.
I guess I'm wondering if people think publishers should be spending these amounts on famous people while so many great writers who write more one or more book a year still have to work a day job. Other writers can't get contracts, assuming they really have written a great book.
The economy is getting tighter and publishing houses are cutting back on staff.
What do people think about these big contracts? Are they deserved?
I know these are usually non-fiction and most of us are writing fiction in one genre or another.
Why does non-fiction make more money?
Can anyone help me out with these questions?
What do you think about these huge contracts?


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